Work With Us: Submissions, Jobs, Gigs, and More

Your Game Designs

Most of the board and card games we’ve published were created by independent designers who developed amazing prototypes and submitted them for consideration.

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Job Listings

Atlas Games is a small company with low staff turnover. We think that’s probably because it’s a pretty good place to work. (It does mean we don’t list open jobs very often, though.)

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Gig Listings

We hire a fair number of freelancers, most often to create art, edit copy, craft graphics, or do layout. We also hire temporary help when doing Kickstarter fulfillment.

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Help Out at Conventions

We attend about a dozen conventions every year. (Usually Con of the North, PAX East, Adepticon, the UK Games Expo, Origins, Gen Con, Gamehole Con, and PAX Unplugged, plus three to six distributor open houses and the GAMA Trade Show.)

One way to get involved with Atlas Games is to help staff our booths, demonstrate our board and card games, or run our RPG events at these cons.

Reach Out to Our Con Team About Booth Staffing and Demos

Learn About Special Ops (roleplaying events)

If you’re a convention organizer looking for support, use our con support form.

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Our Environmental Commitment

We believe that being environmentally conscious is the sensible, cost-effective thing for a business to do.

  • We use both sides of each sheet of paper, then recycle it (along with everything else that’s recyclable in the office).
  • We turn off the lights when we're not using them, and turn down the heat when we leave the office.
  • We design our games with as little disposable packaging as possible.
  • We re-use boxes and packing material.
  • Our warehouse uses recycled engine oil as heating fuel.
  • We replace incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient ones wherever possible.
  • We ask that employees not buy beef on the company tab while traveling. (Yep, this is a weird one, but this article in The Atlantic explains.)
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Meet The Staff

Justin Alexander Image

Justin Alexander

RPG Developer & Producer
Kyla McT Image

Kyla McT

Board and Card Game Producer
John Nephew Image

John Nephew

President & Co-owner
Michelle Nephew Image

Michelle Nephew

Jenae Pedersen Image

Jenae Pedersen

Administrative Coordinator
Amelia Rengo Image

Amelia Rengo

Marketing Coordinator
Jeff Tidball Image

Jeff Tidball

Chief Operating Officer
Travis Winter Image

Travis Winter

Sales Manager & Warehouse Manager

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