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You can request support for your convention or event with this form. If you aren't the event organizer or official representative, please have them fill out this out instead. If you are a retailer looking for promotional or demo items for your store, rather than support for an in-store event, please see our retailer support page. We rarely support conventions and events outside of the US, unless you have a US freight forwarder or US shipping address. We generally only send support for recurring conventions and store events once per year.

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Does your con/event have an anti-harassment policy?
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Print Opportunities

We support most conventions and events by sending games in exchange for promotional consideration. You can use the games however you like — as raffle prizes, event prizes, giveaways, volunteer premiums, or whatever helps make your event a success. We try to keep the exchange fair by sending products whose retail price adds up to at least the cost you specify for a given promotional opportunity.

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Other Opportunities

Indicate Web ads, digital signage, logo appearance, banners, in-app sponsorshipsor any other usage of Atlas imagery you may desire to use throughout your convention

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In addition to our current promotional priorities, are there any products we could send that would be a particularly good match for your convention or event?

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