Nyambe Product Line

African Adventures

Nyambe Games at a Glance

  • An epic fantasy RPG OGL setting based on deeply-researched African mythology.
  • Expand your adventures with supplements or start with just the core book and your favorite d20 system.
  • Offers a new yet respectful twist on epic fantasy gaming never seen in the genre before.
My motivation for creating Nyambe was simple. Africa was a major part of the Earth that has little or no representation in fantasy literature, let alone RPGs. When it does appear, it usually follows the pulp fiction model…[M]y goal for Nyambe was to create a fantasy version of Africa based on the actual history and mythology of Africa, rather than previous fantasy depictions.
– Christopher Dolunt, author of Nyambe

An Epic African Landscape: The World of Nyambe

Welcome, brave traveler, to Nyambe, a vast land of adventure and opportunity. It is a place where African myth and history meld into a landscape of epic proportions. Here, brave travelers might encounter brave tribal warriors, ancestral orishas, dragon-blooded sei sorcerors, and more.

Nyambe draws extensively from African myths and historical events such as the Hungering Lion, the Ethiopian king Angabo, and the ahosi of Dahomey. Use the material provided in the book, or explore the extensive bibliography to research inspirational stories from African mythology.

A Land of Myth: The Nyambe Product Line

  • Nyambe: African Adventures includes everything you need to create the setting.
  • Ancestral Vault includes magical items, adventuring equipment, natural medicine mechanics, and more.
  • Dire Spirits includes a sample adventure; locations like villages, compounds, and temples; and pregenerated PCs and NPCs.

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